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Horn, 24VAC Buzzer
102 dB 4" loud adjustable buzzer

The 4 inch 24Volt AC buzzer makes a good amount of noise, at 102 decibals. Adjustable volume.

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Loud 24 Volt Industrial Shop Buzzer - requires a 24VAC supply, not 110

  • 24 Volt AC low voltage 102dB buzzer
  • Makes a loud "BUZZZZZZZZ", not a soft hummmmmm (cheaper ones)
  • Requires a 24Volt AC power supply (we have these, click here)
  • Connects by common 14 - 22 guage twin stranded speaker/extension cable
    - available at Home Depot, Lowes, HD supply, ACE Hardware, etc...

Made in USA by General Electric, Edwards Timing Division

  • This is the one you expect, when you order a buzzer - it's loud and rugged
  • Solid Metal, no plastic, it makes a lot of noise
  • Weight:  2 lbs installed to wall
  • Adjustable volume

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  • PLC compatible models
  • Corrosion resistant finish
  • Volume adjustable
  • Completely assembled
  • NEMA Type 4X rated
  • The Edwards 870P AC Series are low-current high decibel panel mount vibrating horns for heavy-duty use. Supplied complete with gasket and UL listed to NEMA 4X enclosure requirements.
  • Designed for semi-flush panel mounting using supplied mounting template or installation on a 4" (102mm) square box. For NEMA 4X installation mount to a NEMA 4X enclosure having a flat smooth surface using supplied 1/8" (3mm) gasket in accordance with the installation instructions provided with the unit.
  • Applications include use in panel boards and switchboards wherever a distinctive urgent signal is required for timing general alarm & warning.