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uAttend CB6500 Proximity WiFi/Ethernet
uAttend WiFi CB6500

uAttend CB6500 Wi-Fi and Ethernet time clock. Awesome Features. Read all about it on the lower 1/2 of this page. Free Shipping, USA 50 states and Canada!

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Accessories & Supplies:

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Click 525 uAttend Proximity Card Badges (10)uAttend Prox Badges. Q: 10$25.00
Click 526 uAttend Proximity Card Badges (25)uAttend Prox Badges, Q: 25$45.00
Click 124 40 Employee Badge RackEmployee Badge Rack$29.00
Click 528 uAttend RFID Key Fobs (10)uAttend RFID Key Fobs, Q: 10$25.00
Click 527 uAttend RFID Key Tags (50)uAttend RFID Key Tags, Q: 50$125.00
Click 523 uAttend "Smart Phone" and tablet appSmart Phone/PC/WiFi tablet app$0.00


uAttend CB6500 cloud based time and attendance system

The CB6500 is a state-of-the-art RFID WiFi time clock that connects effortlessly to the Internet using any wireless router, allowing you to perform time and attendance functions from any computer with Internet access. The CB6500 is part of the uAttend Employee Management System, a web-based service that allows for employees to punch in and out from the CB6000 from a computer, a smart phone app, or from a standard telephone.

Includes: 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

  • Wireless Proximity Card Reader, includes 10 Free Cards
  • RFID badges (comes with 10), or use unique employee PIN numbers
  • Can also be connected directly, using CAT5 cable
  • True plug-and-play setup!
  • uAttend RFID badges, or optional Attend key fobs, or unique PIN number  
  • Unlimited employees
  • Free Lifetime product replacement
  • Large Color Display, easily put your company logo on it
  • Easy Department Transfers, done at the clock, or after-the-fact, in the software
  • Check Hours Worked In Pay Period at the Clock
  • Remote Firmware Updates - never gets "outdated"
  • DHCP or Static Environments
  • Employee Service Options - Employees can request time off, check hours
    worked, and view benefit accruals from the clock
  • Designated Break and Lunch Punches:
    Employees can punch for break and lunch or it can use automatic deductions
  • Time and Expense Reporting:
    Employees can enter Tips and Expenses at the clock
  • Job Tracking - Track two levels of job details, get accurate job reports
    to be used for invoicing or records
  • Scheduling - Includes unlimited (and rotating) employee schedules
  • Time Off Requests: Employees can request time off directly at the clock
  • Two Levels of Approval:  Supervisor and administrator can be set, then
    approved time off approval code shows on the employees time card
  • Includes exports to Processing Point and CSV, additional exports are available 
  • Instantly updates punches, feature-rich online reporting system
  • As new features are developed, they are automatically added to the

uAttend software features:

  • Cutting-edge management software
  • Export files are available for virtually all payroll and accounting softwares, including:
    • ADP, CSV, Excel, MAS90, Paychex, QuickBooks, and more.
  • See who is punched in by department, and by clock
  • Instantly updates the records the moment they punch in or out
  • Many handy detailed and summary reports, (this is constantly evolving) 
  • Computes standard time and overtime, including multilevel, and 7th day OT
  • Sends alerts to individual employees or to entire departments
  • Easily control multiple offices in real-time, from any PC connected to the internet
  • Easily upload your own company logo to the clock display
  • Managers get their own unique password, and assigned program privileges

All uAttend systems include:

  • Unlimited Departments - Separate and segment employees any way you like!
  • Overtime - Weekly, Daily, and 7th day consecutive overtime
  • Revision Zones - Also known as In-Punch and Out-Punch Rounding Zones
  • Lock Out Zones - Block punches when you don't want them
  • Who's-IN board See your work force status in Real Time
  • Punch Notifications - Get emails any time any employee punches
  • Accruals - Track vacation, sick, and one other accrual
  • Scheduling - set individual, departmental, and rotating schedules
  • Punch rounding - Select from several options - pay to minute, or rounding
  • Automatic Lunch Deductions - Customizable for your requirements
  • Time Card Approvals - 3 levels of authority to use at your discretion
  • Email Time Cards to Employees - Daily, weekly, or once per pay period
  • Email employee alerts to managers - This Is Amazing:
    Schedule violations, when someone punches in or out, approaching overtime
  • Multiple Time Zones - set regional time zone to employee
  • Automatic Break Additions - Stay in compliance with all paid break regulations
  • Holidays - Track holidays as paid and set pay codes based on working
  • Supports All Pay Periods: Weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly, monthly
  • View & Print Time Cards in Batches - individually or in batches
  • Summary Reports - Print at your desk, send off to payroll
  • Reports - Run time reports by employee, department, or system wide
  • Exports - Dozens of payroll reports are available, including ADP, Paychex, and QuickBooks
  • Self Service online help - find the the information you need, when you want it
  • Direct technical support, 8 - 5, Monday - Friday, PST
  • Much, much more! Since uAttend is an hosted product, when features and upgrades are
    released, they are automatically added to the your system!


Web-hosted time and attendance system

  • Access the records from anywhere, password protected.
  • No Contract, this is month-to month, changes with your employee levels


uAttend additional fees: Certain uAttend features incur nominal additional fees.
The first two clocks are included. Above two clocks, add $10/month per clock.
The first administrator is included. Additional administrators, with their own passwords
and security codes and unique administrative rights, are $6.00/month per administrator.
Exports to any format other than Processing Point or CSV are an additional $5 per month.

Eastside Deli - 25 Employees at 3 Locations

Sir Reel Studios                                   West Maui Pet Supply
Avon & Wessex Motor Factor           Surf Ride Surf Shop

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