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Lathem PC600

uAttend BN6500 Wireless Biometric Time Clock

uAttend Facial Recognition System
Hand Punch Biometric Time Clock

HP1000 RS232/USB
Amano TCX 21

Amano TCX21

Pyramid Wireless (Analog) "Clocks in a Box"

Amano PIX21
Amano PIX ribbon

Amano PIX and Amano TCX Ribbon

Facial Recognition System
Pyramid 7000

Pyramid 7000 master clock and shop timer
Time Pilot Extreme

TimePilot Extreme portable clock system

Pyramid TimeTrax Elite Proximity
time cards

E2 Two sided time card

Time Clock Outlet is an actual bricks-and-mortar company with a large physical inventory of employee time clocks, time clock ribbons, time cards, and time clock parts.  We normally ship the same business day.  This is what we do, full-time.  While we sell time clock related equipment, we are actually interested in building long-term business relationships.  You should and will be, comfortable working with us. We have been selling, installing, and servicing employee time clocks and time and attendance systems since 1991. We are insured, we own patents and trademarks, and our PCI Compliant website uses the latest HTTPS/SSL security protocols.


Timeclockoutlet is an old-school punch clock retail store, with an internet website. We repair time clocking equipment, we build workshift timers, and provide comprehensive time and attendance system technical support. We've been around since gears and motors and ledger sheets and erasers....  We made the jump. We are now an internet reseller of  web-hosted time clock and time clock system systems! We are thriving in the new digital economy.  We invest in our employees and our systems. Our time clock system prices are price-competitive, our products are carefully selected. We take the time to study the new time system technology and break it down to terms the "average Joe" can understand.


Mr. Wagner is still actively involved in the day-to day operation of Florida Time Clock the parent company of www.timeclockoutlet.com  He has over 28 years of legitimate time clock and time and attendance software experience, adding to it 20 prior years as a general lines office machine company,  We often customize systems by combining components of one,to another.  We invent solutions, and we provide time clock technical support for time clock software and time clocking machines.

We are always looking for bright, energetic employees.  Call us if you are interested in joining our team, down here in beautiful Saint Petersburg, Florida along the coast of the Gulf of Mexico.