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About Us


Who is Time Clock Outlet?

TimeClockOutlet.com is dedicated to providing you with top quality time keeping equipment at rock-bottom prices.  We stand behind our products, and we stand in front of you, as your customer advocate between you and the manufacturer's when there is a dispute.   Our roots go back to Buffalo in the 1960's when the owner of TCO used to "assist" his father in the 1960's, fixing (more like pestering) typewriters and mechanical adding machines made by Remington Rand Typerwriter Company.  

We repair Amano, Rapidprint, and HandPunch clocks!

Because of this diverse background, and changes in the office machine industry, we are fully capable of REPAIRING your time clock.  Specifically Lathem mechanical clocks, Rapidprint, Simplex and Widmer time stampers, and all Amano MJR, TCX, and PIX clocks.  We also repair HandPunch clocks, models 50E, 1000, 1000E, 2000, 2000E, 3000, 3000E, 4000, ADP and LE.
 This might be interesting...  All the clocks we can repair are Made In U.S.A.  The rest, believe it or not, are throw-aways.

We have always worked with small business owners and business managers.  Office managers and production managers.  People who were responsible for the actions of others.  You are welcome to call us toll-free at 888 786-2425.