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Installing the Multi-PC module in TimeVue
Procedure to install the TimeVue multi-pc upgrade.
The first thing you will need to do is to install the upgrade on your current computer.
Then you have to relocate the database, if that has not already been done.
To do that, look at the opening splash screen, select File Info, the select Relocate. Follow the prompts, just make a file on the server called "Time Clock Records". If you are not already doing this, this is the best place to store your archives (your records), and crib notes on how to run the system.

To install the software on the NEXT computer, insert and run the TimeVue CD. Enter the activation code, and the Multi-PC code. Accept the default location ("C" drive" for the TSDATAV7.mdb file. Leave the CD in, reboot the PC. After it is done booting, remove the CD.

On the new PC, right click on the START button, select Explore. Find the TimeVue program and delete this file from the C drive: TSDATAV7.mdb Close out of that. Now, launch TimeVue. It will as 'where is my file?' and you will navigate (map to) the TSDATAV7.mdb file that you moved to the server, on the other computer. Once that is done, you are done.