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Icon TimeVueLite Software
TimeVueLite basic Icon software

New Icon TimeVueLite software for 50 employees. Must have an Icon clock for this to work. If you have TimeSource software, this is the new version.

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DetailsIDProduct NameDescriptionPriceAdd To Cart
Click 164 TimeVueLite 50 (+50) employees to 100TVLite 50 to TVLite 100$125.00
Click 220 TimeVueLite 50 (+200) employees to 250TVLite 50 to TVLite 250$335.00
Click 267 TimeVueLite Unlimited employee upgradeTimeVueLite Unlimited upgrade$625.00
Click 139 Icon TVLite upgrade to TVFull 100Icon TVLite upgrade to TVFull 100$300.00
Click 120 Icon Multi PC license for 5 computersIcon TimeVue 5 PC license$295.00
Click 238 Icon Auto Poll ModuleUpdates Punches/Reports For You$125.00
Click 279 Icon Custom RoundingCustom Rounding Module$125.00



Control Panel      Rules                    Time Cards          Clock List            TV Lite Employee    Punch Summary
timevue lite switchboard.jpg  TimeVue Lite Rules.jpg  TV Time Cards.jpg  TVL Time Clock List.jpg  TVL Employee File new.jpg    TV Summary Report.jpg

TVLite Reports     Who's In              Punch Editing       P.T.O.                  TVFull Employee      Hotel Dept List
TimeVue Lite Reports.jpg  TimeVL Whos In Report.jpg  TimeVue Punch Editing.jpg  TV PTO.jpg   TimeVue Full Employee.jpg     TV Hotel Dept List.jpg

TV Full Reports     MFG Dept List      MFG Dept Rpts     Medical Dpt List  Medical Punches   Hotel Dpt Punches
TVF Reports.jpg   TVL MFG Department List.jpg  TV MFG Dept Repts.jpg  TVL Dental Office Department List.jpg  TV Medical Dept Punches.jpg    TV Hotel Dept Punches 1.jpg

Password              Payroll Exports                                                          TV Full Permissions TV Full Notepad
TVL Password Protection.jpg    TV Payroll Exports.jpg                                                         TVF User Rights.jpg      TVF Notepad.jpg 

TimeVue Lite 50 Employee Software

  • Upgrades to 100, 250, 500 then unlimited
  • Lite version has a clear upgrade path to FULL
  • Departments can have automatic lunch deductions
  • Must have an Icon data terminal or Icon HandPunch to use this
  • Includes up to 31 departments (to sort employees for various reasons)
  • Departments can have IN and OUT punch rounding zones
    Ex:  7:30 - 8:00AM, 8:00 - 8:30AM, etc, etc.
  • Includes many popular payroll exports including Paychex, ADP, Quickbooks, Excel, ASCII
  • Retrieve records from way-back, any-time

  • Simple, logical setup, uncluttered screens and menus
  • Easy to learn, easy to train, easy to operate, well thought-out design
  • Can save punch records to your server, if you so desire (a smart move)
  • See Who' In at any time, see who's come and gone today, who never came in
  • Alerts for too many hours worked, by employee
  • All this, and more

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