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Amano MJR Cards. 100-199
Custom Range Box of 1,000

Amano MJR7000 and Amano MJR8000 time cards, box of 1000. We provide free technical support on all MJR's. Card Range is 100 - 199.

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MJR cards

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Amano MJR time cards - Printed on two sides.

Card Range:  100 - 199
Also available: 
200-299, 300-399, 400-499, 500-599
600-699, 700-799, 800-899, 900-999   
Custom range orders may add up to 5 days to delivery

We see this in packing - manufacturing - plants where there are several clocks.
If you have two or more clocks, use different card ranges.  We will tell you EXACTLY how to set this up. It's easy.
Using different card ranges on each machine prevents employees from walking cards from one clock to the next, creating a mess for payroll.

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