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E2 Two sided time card
E2 box of 1000 2 sided weekly cards

1,000 cards per box. Easy to handle because it is .25" wider than most. Room for notes. 7 days on each side. Side one is green, side two is red.

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E-2:  "Electronic, 2-sided"
This is the best card for the new electronic punch clocks

  • In the old mechanical clocks, you just pushed the card in about 1 inch and it stamped
  • In the new electronic clocks, the printer glides over the card and prints
    - The card has to go in about two inches. 
    -  Because of this, a slightly wider card is much easier to handle
  • The E-2 (Electronic - 2 sided time card) allows for
    - four punches per day, 7 days per side.
  • .25" wider than normal time cards, easier to align in clock
  • Week 1 is Green
  • Week 2 is Red
  • Use half as many cards per year with this two-week time card
  • Save money, save our forests, less storage space in your office

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