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Detex 50MM Checkpoint Tag
Detex 50MM Tag

50mm Detex RFID tags. Larger tags are used for identifing start/end of a tour, reading through windows, desks, longer read range

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Detex 50MM RFID Proxipen Checkpoint, aka: Tag


  • This is a guard's "check point", the location identifier
  • It has a much longer read-range than 20mm or 30mm TAGS
  • Can be painted, put on the back side of glass, a photo, or a painting
  • Can be put on the inside of a door and read through the glass or wood door
    - but not metal, and not more than 2" thick, give-or-take..
  • 50MM is about 2" across
  • The larger the checkpoint tag, the longer the read range to the Proxipen reader