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Lathem Workshift Timer

Lathem Sonchron DWA-S is out of production. We still carry parts. See the best replacement, below.

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Lathem DWA-S Sonachron

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Lathem Workshift Timer, Lathem Sonachron is out of production.

This is the best replacement. The Pyramid 7000.  Easy setup, Made In USA, and very accurate.

Like the Lathem Sonachron, it can ring bells and buzzers, and also synchonize wall clocks. Designed 20 years later, it has more useful features and is easier to use.

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It's been decades... See what's NEW in the Workshift Timer Business, click Here!

Another version of the deceased Lathem workshift timer was the DWA-H,discontinued around 2001:
 This was the Lathem cube, the DWA-H, an innovative device that had an integral horn. It later came out as a mechanical punch clock with a circuit board. We "jury-rigged" them to run additional bells and horns, as they were not designed to run more than just the one 86db buzzer that it came with.

Lathem pioneered a lot of groundbreaking technologies back in the 1960's.  Lathem is still a family owned USA company.  Lathem shut down manufacturing in USA around 2019, closing an Atlanta plant which at its peak employed 200 Americans. They now outsource all of it's stand-along punch-clocks from China, Taiwan, Vietnam, etc.  Each stand alone Lathem clock is unique to all others, with it's own unique programming characteristics such as two-line printing. We installed and maintained well over 500 of these DWA-s and DWA-H workshift timers at local manufacturing plants throughout Florida and Georgia.