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Lathem Dial Plate Assembly - Out of Stock
Lathem time clock parts

If the time clock face spins freely, this is the part you need to replace.

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Dial Plate Assembly

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Lathem face gear, aka dial plate assembly

  • If the clock is keeping accurate printed time but the face hands swing freely, then this is what you need to fix it.
  • Time to completion:  10 minutes: 
  • Tools:  Small pliers, small Phillips head screw driver

Our View:
If the face is on time but the clock is losing printed time, then replace the machine.  
It's not worth the hassle of fixing it when so many alternatives are available. 

How to repair your Lathem time clock:

Lathem-Dial-Plate-Assembly-Repair-1.jpg     Lathem-Dial-Plate-Assembly-Repair-2.jpg 

Lathem-Dial-Plate-Assembly-Repair-3.jpg       Lathem-Dial-Plate-Assembly-Repair-4.jpg