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Lathem 5000EP

Automatic Daylight Savings adjustment, Leap Year. Updates after power outages, custom print messages, and more

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Click 11 E2 Two sided time cardE2 box of 1000 2 sided weekly cards$42.00
Click 257 25 Card Adjustable Time Card Rack25 Card Adjustable Time Card Rack$29.00
Click 10 Lathem ES Time Clock RibbonCompumatic and Lathem ribbon$18.00
Click 153 Lathem, Acroprint barrel keyLathem Key, Acroprint Key$7.25


Lathem 5000EP Electronic Punch Clock
Can be set to print in English, French, and Spanish

Using the same printer as the original Lathem 5000, Lathem 1000 and 7000, they have updated the bodywork to a more modern appearance, and added a few more useful features.

* We always ship the newest model, fresh from the factory
* Clean-change cartridge ribbon
* Prints on any time card or work order

Operates as a time clock, date/time stamp,
* Select any of 29 preset print formats
* Custom print up to three lines (see above)
* Automatic daylight savings adjustment
* Retains and updates the time and date if unplugged, for 1 month
* Hang on the wall, or simply set on a desk or shelf, and plug it in
* One Year Lathem Guarantee, very reliable machine
* Dimensions: 6“ x 7“ x 7“, 4 lbs, 110VAC