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TimeVueLite 50 (+200) employees to 250
TVLite 50 to TVLite 250

Increase TimeVueLite 50 to TimeVueLite 250 employees with this simple upgrade

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    TimeVueLite 250 (the upgrade)

  • It starts as 50 employee initial¬†capacity
  • Upgrades to 100, 250, 500 then unlimited
  • Departments can have automatic lunch deductions
  • Must have an Icon data terminal or Icon HandPunch to use this
  • Includes up to 31 departments (to sort employees for various reasons)
  • Departments can have IN and OUT punch rounding zones
  • Includes many popular payroll exports including Paychex, ADP, Quickbooks, Excel, ASCII
  • Retrieve records from way-back, any-time.
  • Simple, logical setup, uncluttered screens and menus
  • Easy to learn, easy to train, easy to operate, well thought-out design
  • Can save punch records to your server, if you so desire (a smart move)
  • See Who' In at any time, see who's come and gone today, who never came In
  • Alerts for too many hours worked, by employee
  • All this, and more
  • Created, designed, developed, and supported in U.S.A.