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Amano PR600 Watchman clock system, complete
Amano PR600 Kit

Includes: The clock, carrying strap, 15 checkpoints (stations), battery, and a box of report tape. Two Year Guarantee - best guarantee anywhere!

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PR600 Kit

Accessories & Supplies:

DetailsIDProduct NameDescriptionPriceAdd To Cart
Click 224 Amano PR600 case keyWatchman clock case "K" key$12.25
Click 225 Amano PR600 KeyboxPR600 Keybox PR360155$15.25
Click 223 Amano PR600 Report TapePR600 Report Tapes$28.00
Click 227 Amano PR600 Station CompleteAmano PR600 box and key$27.00
Click 226 Amano PR600 Station Key with ChainWatchman Key with Chain$14.00
Click 222 Amano PR600 Watchman ClockPR600 watchman clock (only)$499.00


Mechanical Watchman Clock Kit by Amano
Used by security guards everywhere, world-wide

  • Zinc coated metal, extremely corrosion resistant
  • Easy setup - comes ready to run - and easy operation
  • Easy to read tape reports
  • Tamper-Proof feature:
    Puts a mark * on the report tape, every time the case is opened
  • Documents when the case has been opened with a unique imprint on the tape
  • "C" cell battery lasts almost a year
  • With 15 stations, you can use a few to identify the guards and know who did the tour
  • Locking station boxes are available for higher-security (theft) situations
  • 35 stations available
  • Quartz timer with battery indicator light


PR600-S Watchman Clock Kit incluldes 15 complete stations and 10 rolls report tape


In the box:

  • 1    PR-600 Watchman clock
  • 1    Alkaline "C" cell battery
  • 1    Leather shoulder strap
  • 15  Zinc coated station keys, 1 - 15, with welded stainless steel chains
  • 15  Black station boxes 
  • 1    Box of report tapes (10 rolls) This is normally a one year supply
  • 1    Master "K" case key
  • 1    Instruction manual

Amano Report Tapes are much easier to "read" than circular disks