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Bells In A Box Low Voltage
Two Bells, In-A-Box

Two 95db 6" 24VDC low voltage bells, Pyramid 7000 timer and mounting hardware - everything you need. Add digital (or analog) wall clocks now or later.

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Two Bells-In-A-Box

Accessories & Supplies:

DetailsIDProduct NameDescriptionPriceAdd To Cart
Click 87 Low Voltage Bell6" Bell, 24VDC, 95dB$90.00
Click 115 Surge ProtectorSurge Protector$15.95
Click 407 25' Bell and Buzzer Wire25' Bell and Buzzer Wire$19.95
Click 404 50' Bell and Buzzer Wire50' Bell and Buzzer Wire$34.95
Click 405 100' Bell and Buzzer Wire100' Bell and Buzzer Wire$44.95
Click 413 250' Bell and Buzzer Wire250' Bell and Buzzer Wire$94.95
Click 95 Pyramid Bright Red Digital ClockSynchronized 4" 4 digit Pyramid Digital Clock$189.00
Click 786 Pyramid Digital Clock with SecondsSynchronized 4" digital clock with seconds$219.00
Click 232 Pyramid 13" Analog Child ClockSynchronized Wall Clock$180.00
Click 233 Instant Ring ButtonPress to Ring$45.00


Bells In a Box, overview

  • Just press three buttons to program it, and have your schedule written out and in front of you.

  • Button one: Enter and Save  
    Button two:   Up (scroll up in time, set ring durations) 
    Button three:  Down.  This feature makes setting the schedule a breeze!

    Example:  Monday through Friday, 1/2 day on Saturday, closed on Sunday:

Bells and Clocks in a Box grows with you as your business expands!

Expandable System
  • Synchronize up to 200 digital or 8 analog (dial face) clocks, up to 300' distance
  • Ring up to 35 bells or 20 horns- low voltage, or stay with our high voltage bells (which are included in this package.)  Additional bells may need a  power booster.          
  • One Pyramid 7000 master clock and work shift bell timer
  • Two case keys, instructions, power supply
  • Two 24VDC bells, expand up to 35 bells over 200'
  • 10' bell wire - add more wire, add more bells as needed
  • Toll-free support numbers that WE answer.

Pyramid 7000 master clock and scheduled workshift timer information

Set up to 72 events, each event can run across 7 days (so 72 events in a 24 hour period)
Variable duration rings allow you to give "two minute warnings."
Easy three-button setup

This is an example of how the program can be set up.


Synchronizes up to 200 Clocks.

Put everyone on the same page with synchronized timekeeping over multiple departments or work stations. Staff is accountable and punctual, schedules are standardized, productivity is improved, and operations run more efficiently. TimeTrax Sync™ 7000 Master Clock System continuously transmits time signal to Pyramid TimeTrax Sync™ analog or digital wall clocks. The 7000 also provides power to analog clocks (part #5200, 5217N) and 24V DC bells and horns. The system is able to activate bells or horns up to 300 events per day. Features automatic Daylight Saving Time adjustment.

  • Synchronizes up to 200 TimeTrax Sync™ Analog or Digital Wall Clocks
  • Signals timed events to ring bells and/or sound horns
  • Powers up to 8 TimeTrax Sync™ Analog Clocks (#5200, 5217N) using RJ45 connector, and up to 35 bells* (part #41361, 41392) and/or up to 20 horns (part#41362)
  • * With the 110V version, you can run unlimited bells and horns, adding simple power boosters as needed.  This is NOT from Pyramid, this is from Time Clock Outlet.
  • Schedules up to 300 timed bell and horn events per day (max 800mA per event)
  • Automatic Daylight Saving Time adjustment
  • Tamper proof security lock
  • Simple installation
  • Sturdy steel casing
  • Easy to read, backlit LCD screen displays date and time
  • 1-Year Manufacturer’s limited warranty
  • Made in USA