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Pyramid TimeTrax Elite Proximity
Pyramid TimeTrax Elite Proximity

Temporarily out of Stock. Trade War issues. Pyramid USA TCPIP clock with 15 proximity cards, 50 employee software. Flexible set-up, recently updated.

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Click 115 Time Clock Surge ProtectorSurge Protector$15.95
Click 247 Pyramid RFID Badges - TimeTraxPro systemsPyramid RFID badges$37.00
Click 248 Pyramid TimeTrax Key FobsTimeTrax Elite Proximity Key Fobs$25.00
Click 463 All-Weather Time Clock CabinetLocking Clock Cabinet$235.00
Click 482 Time Clock Cabinet without Display WindowLocking Clock Cabinet, All Metal$225.00


The Pyramid TimeTrax Elite Proximity card system

Includes 15 Indestructable RFID cards
Order higher-security Pyramid RFID KeyFobs.

Windows-based software provides variable pay rates and pay periods and a variety of pay schedules.


  • Plug and play simplicity - on your network
  • Accurate: The time is set from your computer, not at the clock
  • Made In USA, RFID badge/kefob reading technology
  • Optional:  Use PIN numbers instead of RFID
  • 50 employees out of the box capacity
  • Payroll exports include: Paychex, ADP, QuickBooks, and more

  • Supports two levels of overtime, plus 7th day and Sunday if needed
  • Optional auto-lunch deduction by employee pay group
  • Holiday and Bonus Pay can be applied as needed
  • You can enter sick time, holidays, and vacation hours - this moves over to the payroll side automatically, and wether or not OT applies to these hours

  • 90 Days free factory support, 1-year product exchange warranty
  • Option: Rings bells - your existing bells, or ours - see option 88, above
  • Option: This also runs digital and standard style wall clocks- everyone will be on the same schedule, organized and more efficient

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Pyramid TimeTrax Elite Proximity


  • 50 employee software, upgradable to 1000 employees
  • Ethernet connection with multi-terminal capability
  • Built-in and optional time synchronization from:
    The Pyramid Synchronized Clock System (gets the time from the web!)
  • Built-in onboard battery and memory backup
  • Comprehensive software is simple, smart
    Numeric keypad allows for Department Transfers (upgrade)

TimeTrax Elite allows for many more options, including
synchronized digital or analog wall clocks 

TimeTrax Elite can also ring bells and horns, if you have a school or production area, assuring people get to class, or to their job, at the correct time.

TimeTrax Pro optional upgrades:

  • Synchronized digital or analog wall clocks and bell/horn systems
    This unique feature lets you sync all the clocks and employees in
       your facility to the same master system clock time.
       This will assure that everyone in the workplace is on the same time.