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Hand Punch 3000e biometric clock

Hand Punch model HP3000e for networks. 512 employees, upgrades to 36,000. Schools, factories, banks, large offices, this does it all.

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Accessories & Supplies:

DetailsIDProduct NameDescriptionPriceAdd To Cart
Click 104 Icon TimeVueLite SoftwareTimeVueLite basic Icon software$60.00
Click 115 Time Clock Surge ProtectorSurge Protector$15.95
Click 220 TimeVueLite 50 (+200) employees to 250TVLite 50 to TVLite 250$335.00
Click 139 Icon TVLite upgrade to TVFull 100Icon TVLite upgrade to TVFull 100$300.00
Click 266 TimeVueLite upgrade to TVFULL 250TimeVue Full 250 Major Upgrade$550.00
Click 120 Icon Multi PC license for 5 computersIcon TimeVue 5 PC license$295.00
Click 238 Icon Auto Poll ModuleUpdates Punches/Reports For You$125.00
Click 138 Icon Gold Technical SupportTotalPass and RTC Technical Support$195.00
Click 219 Hand Punch Locking CabinetHand Punch Locking Cabinet$295.00


In the box:

  • HP-3000E Ethernet/Network biometric terminal
  • 512 user capacity, expands to 9,662
  • Wall mounting plate with hardware and power supply
  • 1 year warranty
  • Dimensions: 
  • 9" wide. 12" high, 8.75" deep, 6 lbs installed. 
  • Power:  12 to 18VDC, from 110VAC 50/60 HZ wall plug
  • Operating Range:  5% to 90% humidity, 32 to 113 degrees farenheit
  • Memory/Program protection:  5 years using standard Li-Ion onboard battery
  • Verification speed  to read hand map (to punch IN/OUT):  Under 1 second
  • Storage capacity:  5,000 punches between downloads
  • Handmap template size:  9 bytes
  • Recommended add-on:  A good surge protector
  • Does not include time clocking software - see recommended options

Made in USA       USA FLAG.jpg

Consider HandPunch 3000E - with TimeVue Software, #104 above - and other optional add-ons:

  • 100 employee TimeVue FULL software, upgrades to 250, 500, and higher
  • Includes 30 day free tech support from Icon, and from Time Clock Outlet
  • Edit punches on the computer, password protected
  • Compatible with Windows XP, Vista, "7", and 2000
  • Run on one PC, or push data to the server, and run from mulitiple PC's*
  • Payroll exports include QuickBooks, Paychex, ADP, Excel
  • Includes 31 Departments (with IN and OUT punch rounding zones)
  • Includes selectable auto-lunch deductions by department
  • Includes user-selectable pay cycles - weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly, monthly
  • Includes rounding - 1/4 hour or to the minute
  • Includes ability to pay comp-time (and apply OT or not)
  • Reports include Employee Time Cards, Department hours analysis, Who's IN, Who's OUT, Who's come and gone, short and long term TARDY reports, Employee Roster, and more. Has a unique "Report Generator"