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Icon SP250
SP250 electronic punch clock

Icon SP250 time clock. Cartridge ribbon. Resets after power outages, corrects for daylight savings, and more

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Click 115 Time Clock Surge ProtectorSurge Protector$15.95
Click 11 E2 Two sided time cardE2 box of 1000 2 sided weekly cards$42.00
Click 299 Icon Ribbon SP250Icon Ribbon SP-250$11.00
Click 257 25 Card Adjustable Time Card Rack25 Card Adjustable Time Card Rack$29.00
Click 84 Custom Power SupplyWork-Shift Timer Power Supply$65.00
Click 405 100' Bell and Buzzer Wire100' Bell and Buzzer Wire$29.00
Click 404 50' Bell and Buzzer Wire50' Bell and Buzzer Wire$19.50
Click 407 25' Bell and Buzzer Wire25' Bell and Buzzer Wire$14.50
Click 88 6 inch 110V bell6" 110V shop bell 102db$89.00
Click 86 Loud 4" 110VAC HornBuzzer, 102+ decibels, adjustable$129.00


Icon SP250 electronic punch clock use in office

... Or put in the shop where it can double as a synchronized work-shift bell timer

  • Modern design with automatic, or manual print
  • This machine is as good as any-other, it's a matter of cosmetic preference
  • Can be used for both employee time cards, and document tracking
  • Prints through three carbonless sheets - ex: Job tickets
  • Selectable print formats include:
           Day or date, standard hours or military, minutes, 10th's, and 100th's
  • Prints on any time card (E2 is recommended, but will print on anything made of paper)
  • Stand-alone on a counter top, or bolt to a wall
  • Adjusts for Daylight Savings Time (selectable setting)
  • Adjusts for power outages back to the current and correct time
  • Easy, clean-change ribbon
  • Internal speaker chimes for breaks - user selectable
          You could set it to 'ring' at 10:10 - end of break,
          12:30 - indicating end of lunch - and so-on..
          politely reminding them that it is time to head back to their desks
  • Easy to connect relay, it doubles as a work-shift timer
  • Locking case keeps prying fingers from changing the time
  • In the event this is a "risk", you can password protect the program
           - which is inside the case, locked, under the cover anyway...
  • Prints in six languages - English, French, Spanish, and more
  • Includes wall mounting screws and case keys
  • One year guarantee, free set up support from Icon in Portland Oregon