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Face Verification by Acroprint
Acroprint Face Verify

100 employee facial recognition time clock system by Acroprint. Expands to 250. Includes 100 PC Punch's, network ready, exports to QuickBooks, ADP, Paychex, and more!

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Biometric Facial Recognition

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Acroprint's newest biometric time clock, the Face Verify


  1. Once enrolled, it takes less than 1 second to "punch" IN or "OUT"
  2. 100 employee system, punch using just a face, or an RFID card*, or PIN
       - Or any combination of the three, for even higher security
       *RFID cards are not included, they are optional
  3. Windows Network Ready, or use included USB cable
  4. Exports to many popular payroll programs including
       ADP, Paychex, QuickBooks, and more
  5. Add more clocks as needed, use existing Hand Punch or Acroprint PIN,
       Acroprint RFID Card, or Acroprint fingerprint reading terminals
       On the same LAN (Local Network)
  6. Software and screens can be set to run in English, Spanish, or French
  7. Includes 100 employee Acroprint timeQ+ software
       Expands to 250 employees
  8. Includes PC Punch software for up to 100 PC's - 250 optional
  9. Streamlines the process of totaling time cards - from hours down to just minutes!
  10. Includes a simple scheduling module, set up to 10 different schedules,
       Assign employees to them (optional and included)
  11. Fits YOUR Payroll.  Set it for any pay cycle, Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Semi-Monthly,
       or Monthly.  Start on Sunday, end or Saturday, or any other 7 day window you
       have, such as Thursday/Wednesday, 1st and 15th, 2nd and 16th, and so-on.
  12. Includes a two-level basic job tracking software.
       Employees enter a job code at the clock,
       You sort reports by Employees and Job Codes, or Job Codes alone
  13. Multiple levels of independent supervisor authorities, with unique passwords, included
  14. 30 days of USA Factory Technical Support, included
  15. Software designed and written in USA


Acroprint Face Verify with timeQ+ software, the terminal:

  • Size:  2.2" wide, 4.8" tall, 1.3" deep
  • Weight:  2.7 lbs, mounts to drywall very easily and securely
  • Mounting:  Stand on a desk, or bolt to a wall - mounting plate included
  • Power:  110VAC/9VDC.  Power supply included
  • Connection:  USB Flash Drive, or Ethernet to your Local Area Network
  • Recommended Operating Temperature Range:
       32*F to 113*F   (0C to 45C)
  • Memory capacity between downloads:  100,000 transactions
  • Display:  Color, TFT touch Screen
  • Employee Data Input:  Facial recognition, proximity badges,
       PIN entered via virtual keypad
  • Upgrades: 
       Add up to 50 more Face Verify terminals on your network as needed.
       Use existing Acroprint PIN, Badge, Hand Punch,
       or TimeQ+V4 fingerprint terminals with this system
  • Use optional Acroprint RFID badges instead of facial recognition
       - in cases where you have high turnovers of employees
  • One Year Hardware Guarantee



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