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Icon P600 Time Clock System - OUT of STOCK
WiFi Time Clock System

WiFi, Network, and USB ready. Web-enabled - runs across the internet or on your local network. 50 employees, upgrades to 500. TWO YEAR GUARANTEE.

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P600 Wi-Fi time clock

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Click 146 Icon RFID BadgesRFID Badges, Q: 10$25.00
Click 118 Icon RFID BadgesRFID Badges, Q: 25$45.00
Click 125 Icon RFID Key FobKey Fob Q:10$30.00
Click 323 WET-100U/WET-5050 to 100 employee upgrade$120.00
Click 324 WET-250U/WET-100100 to 250 employee upgrade$168.00


Icon P600 WiFi and network ready, web enabled time clock system

Icon does it again! Groundbreaking technology. Network and USB ready, now it is also WiFi ready and web-enabled.  
It can run across the internet back to your office with no monthly fees, 
This powerful self contained time clock system does all the computing inside, using none of your computer or network resources.
However, it it were to break, you would need another clock to run the reports that you have saved.
Run from your office, or from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

  • 50 employees, upgrades to 100, 250 and 500
  • Multi-PC license included, with scalable user rights - included
  • Designed to use re assignable, rugged yet inexpensive RFID cards
  • Communicate with up to 48 clocks locally or over the Web
  • Automatic email backups
  • Includes 5 Home PC and Smart Phone Punch licenses.
  • Up to 50 PC Punch and Web Punch/Smart Phone punch clocks
  • Designed for small to large companies, single and many locations
  • Base: 50 employees - with Departments: upgrade to 100, 250, and 500
  • Stores up to 300,000 employee punches before mandatory backup.
  • Accurate: Synchronizes time between all the child clocks and the Parent, every 6 minutes.
  • Email Alerts emails you when certain people come or go
  • Custom Labor Distribution Report - across multiple clocks, multiple locations. Breaks out wages/expense by clock and location.
  • Set it for regular time, OT1, OT2 in the basic version, upgrade for advanced OT rules.
  • Post Vacation, Sick, Vacation, time to the time cards and reports.
    Custom PIN numbers, or use BADGES - or RFID Keyfobs:
    * This is selectable by the individual employee.
  • Department Revision Zones controls wage expenses for people who punch in early, or hang out long after they were supposed to punch out.
    Example: Punch in between 7:40 and 8AM, time accumulates from 8:00 not 7:40
  • 30 Days of USA-Factory engineer technical support
  • Made In USA, Quality you will appreciate.

The Icon P600 time clock system communicates (shares information) with up to 48 other RTC1000, P600, TotalPass Proximity and TotalPass Biometric clocks
Example:  You may want to put PIN or RFID badge clocks in some locations, and Biometric in others, all in the same company.

     Processor                Storage                                RAM
        1 Ghz                   4 GB (300,000 punches)      4GB FLASH


License:  50 employees, upgrade to 100, 250, and 500
Badges:  Includes 15 reusable RFID/Proximity badges


     P400                                 P600                            TotalPass Biometric
   7.25" Wide                       7.25" Wide                         9 1/4" Wide

   1.25" Deep                       1.75" Deep                        1.75"  Deep
   8.0"    High                        8.0"  High                          8.0"   High

   1.5     lbs                          1.5     lbs                           1.7     lbs


IN THE BOX:        Icon 600D system

One Icon 600D terminal with 50 employee software pre-installed
Multi-PC/Multiple Administrators with unique passwords, enabled
5 Web Punch Licenses, Included
15' USB cable, 15' CAT5 cable (network connnection is best)
WiFi transmitter is installed and ready to go
Wall mounting bracket with metal anti-theft key
Wall mounting hardware
Power Supply
15 Reusable RFID employee badges
Quick Start Manual with (800) technical support number
30 Days USA Factory technical support

Icon TotalPass P600 Proximity Card Employee Time Clock comes with 50 employee software (upgrade to maximum 500).

Icon family systems are unique in a way that all the software required is stored on the clock itself, no installation required and you can run it with any operating system. It can be ran on a local network or Universal Access – Windows, Mac, Linux, PDA, and more

The TotalPass can hold upwards of 300,000 punches or more. We haven’t found an upper limit through testing. Depending on number of employees, it could take many years to get to that number. We recommend to use the automated backups feature to schedule backups at whatever frequency you choose. Those backups are then emailed to an administrator and can be saved anywhere. Unwanted punches can be deleted any time after backup.

Multi clock, multi location System with Remote Access - THERE IS NO MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION!

What's included:
Hardware - one TotalPass P600 time clock
Employee capacity - 50 employees software
Web Punch Capacity - 5 (see optional upgrade 
Web Punch - maximum 50)
Employee Entry Options or Time Collection Methods - Keypad (PIN preset 4-9 digits), Proximity Badge
Proximity Badges - 15 included (more sold separately 
Proximity Badges)
Departments - 99
Multi clock setup supported - single/multiple locations (Maximum of 33 Clocks)


  • Breaks/Meals Tracking - Included
  • Easily connect to your wireless network over WiFi
  • Auto-lunch deduction - Included
  • Overtime Rules - Included
  • Approaching Overtime Alerts - Included
  • Weighted Overtime/OT Multiplier - Included
  • Standard Reports - Timecard, Attendance, Department, Timecard by Department, Create Report, Labor Distribution. Individual Employee Timecard - Included
  • Standard Pay Item Types - Reg, OT1, OT2, Non-worked, Holoday - Included
  • Additional Pay Item Types - Vacation, Sick, Personal - Included
  • Calculate Wage/Labor - Included
  • Employee Input Tracking (Tips, Job Numbers, Piece Counts) - Included
  • Track Notes by the Punch - Included
  • Department Code (for exporting to Payroll) - Included
  • Employee Payroll ID Number Field - Included
  • Supervisor Login, Permissions, Employee Assignments - Included
  • Revision Zones (Prevent Unauthorized Clock In Early or Out Late) - Included
  • Geo-location - Included
  • Time Off Accruals - Included
  • Email Time Card Report - Included
  • SSL Data Encryption - Included
  • Email Alerts - Optional - Included
  • Configurable Alerts - Included
  • Automatic Software Updates - Enabled - Applicable to both parent & child clocks. Option to opt out
  • Automatic Email Backups (Daily, Weekly or Monthly) - Included