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Mobility Pack
Mobility Upgrade

Powerful management tool - read about it below.

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Icon RTC1000 module

Icon Mobility Pack - there is nothing else like this!

  • Adds powerful SSL web security
  • Emails you when people are punching IN (you select this)
  • Adds High-hours  alert - who's approaching OT, by e-mail to you
  • Adds Low-hours alert - for punches less than one hour, by e-mail to you
  • Emails you when select people punch in, or out  ("Mike just arrived")
  • Other Custom Alerts, automatically e-mailed to you by the clock itself
  • You tell it what is important, it then watches-out for you
  • Emails to your PC, PDA, iPhone
  • Emails to several people, not just one - the manager, the owner, HR, etc.