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Widmer T3LED Automatic Date Time Stamp
Widmer T-LED-3

The bright red LED display makes your new Widmer clock "pop!" visually. Know the time in the office by glancing at the document stamping clock.

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Widmer T-LED-3

Accessories & Supplies:

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Click 115 Time Clock Surge ProtectorSurge Protector$15.95
Click 40 Rapidprint & Widmer Time Stamp RibbonRapidprint & Widmer Time Stamp Ribbon$7.55
Click 41 Rapidprint & Widmer timestamp ribbonsRapidprint & Widmer ribbons, by the dozen$70.00
Click 72 Upper Die PlateUpper Time Stamp Die Plate$49.00
Click 242 Lower Die PlateLower Die Plate$49.00


Widmer T3LED Automatic Date and Time Stamping Machine

Made In U.S.A., Heavy-Duty Machine
All metal parts.  98% OCR ready clear print, self cleaning print wheels
Modern design, attractive two color paint design, easy document feed 
Electronic controlled timer and stamp impressions
Stamp pressure can be increased for thicker documents
Long lasting reversible ribbon assembly uses same 5650 ribbons as Rapidprint AR-E time stamps
Prints on up to 4 page thick carbonless documents
Unique One Year Factory Guarantee, best in the business!


Available with bright digital display (this one) and for slightly less, no LED display