timeclocks made in usa
ES1000 100 employee clock
ES1000 automatic time clock

Out of Production. Take a good, close look at the Amano MRX35. Made in USA, the MRX-35 is the highest quality clock in this price range. There is a link to it below.

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Acroprint ES1000 atomic clock

Accessories & Supplies:

DetailsIDProduct NameDescriptionPriceAdd To Cart
Click 12 Time Card Rack25 Slot Expandable Card Rack$31.00
Click 343 ES1000 RibbonES1000 2 color ribbon$14.00
Click 344 ES1000 Time CardsES1010 Cards, Box of 1000$79.00
Click 345 ES1000 Time CardsES1010 Cards, Box of 500$45.00


The ES1000 "didn't make it."  DOA, it's gone.

The Amano MRX-35 has always been the most rugged, easiest to work with clock in this price range:  Click on the image below:

                                   Amano MRX35 self totaling time clock