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Amano NS5100 time recorder/date stamping machine

Electronic date and time stamp with message. 2,000 prints per day rating. Date, time, alphanumeric message. Made in USA. Free shipping USA-48 states

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Click 192 Amano CP3000 and NS5100 Black RibbonCP3000/NS5100 cartridge ribbon$22.00


Amano NS5100 automatic date time stamping machine
Amano NS5100 automatic numbering machine

    • The NS5100 is programmable - by the owner
    • Lifetime toll-free telephone assistance is included
    • Large digital display
    • Clean change cartridge ribbon
    • Fully programmable, with lifetime technical support
    • Prints several carbons deep
    • Reliable printer, repairable, years later
    • Made In USA
    • Long lasting ribbon

         Customizable Printing:

    • Programmable print size!
    • Prints up to two lines:
    • 30 characters using a 1/2 size font
    • 24 characters using a full size font
    • 11 characters using a 2x size font


    • Prints date, hours, minutes, and up to 8 digits/numbers through 4 -6 carbons
    • It can do this 2,000 times a day
    • Lifespan of 5 to 10 years of regular daily use
    • 91 preset print formats and messages, or customize it as you need
    • Perpetual calendar and daylight savings adjuster


NS5100 Technical Specifications: