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Amano MJR8000

Most Reliable. 250 employee capacity, all metal construction with circuit board, ultra-reliable, Made in USA.

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Accessories & Supplies:

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Click 115 Time Clock Surge ProtectorSurge Protector$15.95
Click 25 Amano MJR 8000 cards, 2000/boxAmano MJR 8000 cards 000 - 249$79.00
Click 12 25 card time card holderLarge self-totaling time clock card rack$31.00
Click 106 Amano MJR Bell RingerAmano MJR Signaling Module$115.00


Amano MJR8000 time card - for the Amano 250 employee clock system

  • Initial card range is 000 - 249
    --->  250 - 499, 500 - 749, 750 - 999 are also available
  • The example below shows an actual card, 
    totaling in standard hours and minutes.
  • It can be programmed to total in military/100th' or hours and minutes.
  • Amano time card punch rounding.jpg

Amano MJR 7000 and MJR8000 and MRX35 Comparison

Download the MJR8000 Owners Manual for Free

Click here to download the Amano MJR8000 factory brochure

Click here to download the Amano MJR8000 manual

We will guide you through the program, step-by-step.  
We have your best interests in mind. Work with professionals.

Note:  The Amano MJR8100 and 8150 are nearly the same. Except that:
The MJR8150 allows you to print the names on the employees cards using a coded hexadecimal system.  

70 is a space, 75 is A, 76 is B, 77 is C, and so-on.  Each name gets a long number.
The original idea was to tie it to a very basic computer software, it was (in our opinion) a failure.
It's expensive, complicated and cumbersome. We do not recommend it, nor do we offer it on our website/

It's easier just to write the employees name on the card.

If you own an MJR8150, all of the above options and supplies are exactly the same.  Call to order the MJR8150, it has a higher price.