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TimePilot Extreme portable clock system
TimePilot ExtremeII Blue Tooth

TimePilot remote contractor time clock system. BlueTooth. Extremely Rugged, Extremely Portable, Extremely Reliable. Battery powered. Free Shipping USA-48 states.

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Time Pilot Extreme

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Click 375 TimePilot Extreme second clockTimePilot Extreme second clock$429.00
Click 378 TimePilot Extreme iButton Management KeyTimePilot Extreme iButton Management Key$30.00
Click 384 TimePilot Employee iButtonsiButtons on Keyfobs, Q:10$59.00
Click 385 TimePilot Employee iButtonsiButtons on Keyfobs, Q: 30$159.00
Click 386 TimePilot Employee iButtonsiButtons on Keyfobs, Q: 50$249.00
Click 387 TimePilot Employee iButtonsiButtons on Keyfobs, Q: 100$449.00
Click 388 TimePilot Employee iButtonsiButtons on Keyfobs, Q: 200$715.00
Click 389 TimePilot Technical SupportTimePilot Technical Support$149.00
Click 383 TimePilot Tap TerminalTimePilot Tap Terminal (additional)$159.00


Time Pilot ExtremeII Blue Enhanced

Includes 2000 employee TIMEPILOT SOFTWARE
Exports to ADP, Excel, Paychex, Peachtree, SAGE50 and QuickBooks

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UPC 891078002375

UPC: 891078002375

UPC 891078002375

Time Pilot Extreme Blue system overview:

  • 1000 Employee capacity
  • It's rugged, works in harsh cold, wet, and hot conditions
  • Designed for outdoor use, although it can be used inside
  • Commonly would be used at construction sites, where 
    the clock is exposed to the elements
  • Easy set-up
  • Locks to metal wall plate to prevent theft
  • Can be moved easily to another site when necessary
  • Leave it on-site, bolt it to the tool shed/trailer, in a van or truck, etc.
  • Multi-Clock Capability
    Workers can clock in and out across several clocks and work locations

How it works:

  • The Extreme clock is mounted (and locked) at the site using the
    secure mounting plate and unique padlock.
  • Each employee is issued an iButton, they use it to punch IN and Out
  • Clocks memory holds up to 10,000 punches between downloads
  • Punches are copied (transferred) to a USB memory stick
  • For security, punches cannot be downloaded without the unique Managers iButton keyfob
  • The punches are uploaded (via USB, or emailed as a file) to the TimePilot software

UPC: 891078002375

TimePilot Extreme Kit - What's Included:

  • Metal Case TimePilot Extreme clock with metal mounting bracket
  • Unique Programmable Padlock
  • Ten iButtons with black keyfobs
  • One Management Key
  • Rugged USB drive - for use instead of - or in addition to - the included Cloud application
  • 2000 employee Time Central Enterprise software
  • Quick-Start Guide and Manual
  • Comprehensive owners manual on the CD
  • 30 days factory technical support, one year product guarantee
  • Our newest systems are rugged, weatherproof, battery-powered and designed to be used at worksites and other outdoor areas.

    Send the data to headquarters for processing with TimePilot's  Windows-based software

    Highlights of the Extreme Blue Enhanced system

  • Rugged and weatherproof; runs for a year on 4 AA batteries.
  • Handles up to 2,000 users.
  • Padlock and steel mounting plate keep it secure.
  • Each employee uses a single iButton to clock in and out.
  • Uses Bluetooth wireless technology to send clock-in and clock-out data to your iPhone and Android smartphone app. (App is a free download from Apple's App Store or Google Play.)
  • Integrates with other TimePilot time and attendance products

Time Pilot exports to:
Paychex Preview
and Excel