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Amano MJR8000 ribbon, 2-pack
MJR8000 2 color ribbon

This is the ribbon for the Amano MJR8000. Black and Red. We program, repair, and provide technical support for Amano MJR clocks. C-872404

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Amano MJR8000 C-872404

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Click 41 Amano MJR8000 time cards 000-249 2000/bxMJR8000 time cards$89.00
Click 148 Amano #700 time clock keyMaster Key for Amano clocks$6.00


Amano MJR8000 ribbon, black and red

  • Pack of two ribbons.
  • Made in U.S.A.
  • In stock, all the time.
  • Free lifetime technical support on all Amano MJR time clocks
If you have any questions on how to change the program on this machine, give us a call. 
We take pride in knowing how to do this.
Broken time clock?
FAST 1-day Amano time clock repairs.