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Synchronized Master Clock
Pyramid Wireless Synchronized Clock

Pyramid synchronized master clock and time transmitter

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synchronized clock

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Click 115 Time Clock Surge ProtectorSurge Protector$15.95
Click 427 Pyramid 13" Wireless Analog Clock13" Synchronized wirless analog clock$199.00
Click 420 Pyramid 13" Custom Analog ClockCustom Printed Clock Face$173.00
Click 418 Pyramid 17" Synchronized Clock17" Synchronized Clock$189.00
Click 419 Pyramid 17" 24HR Synchronized ClockPyramid 17" 24HR Synchronized Clock$189.00
Click 424 Pyramd 3 inch wireless digital clock3" easy to read digital clock model 9D34SR$272.00
Click 421 Pyramid 4-Digit Sync'd ClockPyramid easy to read 4" digital wall clock 9D44BR$309.00
Click 350 Pyramid 4 circuit master clock add-onPyramid 5024 low voltage multi circuit switch$325.00
Click 348 Acroprint ES signaling moduleAcroprint ES Bell and Buzzer signal module$89.00


Pyramid Synchronized Master Clock

  • Receives time from the NTPS website
  • Optional GPS antenna
  • Huge 2,500' range, transmits to Pyramid wireless secondary clocks
     - Digital and Analog
  • State-of-the-Art Signal Hopping technology
  • You can also use this to set the time for your computer network

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