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Momentary Contact Switch
Low Voltage Instant Ring

Momentary contact switch for work shift timers. Ring that bell whenever you need, override the schedule. Pre-installed and tested.

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Momentary contact switch

Instant Ring Button

Press the button, hold it for as long as you want it to sound. Release, it stops.

A truck arrives.  You press the button to alert people to come to the receiving dock.
Sandwich truck arrives:  You press the button several times.  
                                        Press it again, 10 minutes later to signal end of break.

Applications:  Delivery truck alert.         Variable - unscheduled breaks.
                       Emergency alert.            Sandwich truck alert.

The button is custom installed on our secondary power supply box, or on the device itself, depending on the application (the system that you order). The button itself may vary from installation to installation as we gradually improve on the design.