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Break and Lunch Controls

Amano TimeGuardian Advanced Meal module. Docks employees for excessive break and lunch time.

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Controlling Paid Breaks, with the TGN-ADVMEAL module

Advanced Meal unlocks the power of defining complex rules for employee lunch and rest periods
Allows users to configure rules that track employee lunch and breaks.
Define fixed times or have the software auto-sense the breaks and lunch periods.
Includes lunch penalty rule and credits for unused time for use on other periods.

How it works: 
Breaks:  They press F1 on the keypad, then present their ID Badge (or ID number then finger if biometric) to the clock.  It registers the time, then it begins counting.  If they have a 10 minute break, it starts monitoring how long they took.  They build up an account if they come back early (but no extra pay), and they get docked if they come back late.
Your "deal" is to to pay them for 10 or 15 minutes per break.
Breaks are not mandatory by law, possibly by unions, but not federal law. 


10 minute break example:
25 employees, they clock out for break at 9:30.  Some clock back in by 9:40, some clock back in around 9:43, a 13 minute break.  That's 3 minutes at $25 per hour, .41 per minute x 11 guys = $4.50 wasted.  Let's say it happens on every break, 10 breaks a week.  $45.00 per week.  50 weeks a year.  $2,250 per year. You don't have to pay it.

This module is $200, one time. It can do the same thing with lunch. Do the math.

11 employees, 3 minutes time not worked, $1,125 per year. 
 $3,475 recovered on just eleven people, annually.

Another way to handle this: 
These clocks can ring bells at scheduled times.  Bells are commonly found in shops, manufacuring, agriculture, and other similar environments.  After a couple of days, these become second nature to the crew.  Working together, you will recover a huge amount of lost man-hours.  All of this is a small one-time investment, the price of a couple of decent office printers.