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Compumatic XL1000 - 1000 time cards
XL10 Box of 1000

Compumatic XL1000 time cards, 10 packs of 100 cards. Plan for the future and save by ordering in quantity.

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XL1000 time cards in stock

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Click 10 Lathem 7000/7500 2-PackLathem/Compumatic ribbon$24.00


Compumatic XL1000 and XL1000e time cards.  In Stock.

Box of 1000 XL10 time cards. 
nly XL10 time cards will work.
They look very similar to Lathem 7000 time cards, but the bar codes are not the same.

                            Compumatic XL1000 self totaling time clock.jpg   (Fits this machine)

XL1000 card.jpg