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Compumatic 550 signal kit
Compumatic 550 signal kit

Bell/horn controller for Compumatic MP550

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Click 407 25' Bell and Buzzer Wire25' Bell and Buzzer Wire$14.50
Click 404 50' Bell and Buzzer Wire50' Bell and Buzzer Wire$19.50
Click 405 100' Bell and Buzzer Wire100' Bell and Buzzer Wire$29.00
Click 91 8 Inch 110V bell8" 110V shop bell 96-98db$89.00
Click 88 6 inch 110V bell6" 110V shop bell 102db$89.00
Click 86 Loud 4" 110VAC HornBuzzer, 102+ decibels, adjustable$129.00


Compumatic MP550 work shift signal module

  • Run synchronized bells and buzzers off of the clock using this device, a power supply, and bells.  
  • Recover lost labor time when they work until the bell goes off, then actually get back to work on time after break and lunch.
  • Average time recover is 6 minutes per employee per day
  • Do the math, this is an amazingly smart idea!

Compumatic Signal Controller

This fits inside the clock, underneath the cover

You can add it yourself, or we can ship it pre-installed for you