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CT101 Pro software, a major enhancement

CompuTime Pro adds scheduling and other features. Scroll down below to read about them

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Computime 101 Professional

Computime 101 Pro - The "upgrade"

Considering the enhancements,
     the critical thinking that went in to this, it's a bargain

  • Recover money you are spending on unworked time:
    Department Revision Zones
    , which control early IN punching:
    Examples: Production: 7:35 to 8:00AM
    Office: No revision zone
    Production or Housekeeping 1: 6:35 to 7:00AM
    Production or Housekeeping 2: 2:35 to 3:00PM
    Shipping or Housekeeping 3: 11:00 to 11:30PM

  • Sets up Shifts.  Assign groups of people to particular shift times, including lunch breaks.
  • Tracks  Paid Breaks, and UnPaid Breaks
  • Automatic lunch deductions - two levels.
    - Deduct lunch for short time lengths, or longer as needed
  • Unique OT rules, for employees th
    at work different schedules than others
    - example:  Union rules, child labor laws by state or provence
  • Unique Early and Late punch tracking
    Using the shift rules, you can more easily see if an employee is violating their shift rules.
  • Budgeted hours: Compare projected versus actual paid hours to identify problems