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CompuTime PC Punch
PC Punch App

CompuTime PCPunch app. Installs as an add-on to an existing CompuTime system, or as a PC Punch software, all by itself. No monthly fees.

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CompuTime PC Punch

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Click 502 CompuTime101-MPCCompuTime101 Multi-PC Upgrade$150.00


CompuTime PC Punch Desktop app or software add-on

As an add-on, this adds punching IN and OUT at the employee's desk
As a stand-alone software only, it includes a CompuTime101 25 employee license
Add more employees, features, exactly as all other CompuTime products
One Employee Per PC
Must all be on the same local network

Single user license, you own it. No monthly fees.
Upgrade to multi-user and everyone on your local network can punch in.