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Citadel OB2000
Tablet Time Clock

7" touch screen instantly updates punches to the cloud. High quality fingerprint reader, loaded with handy features. Requires low cost monthly subscription, no contracts.

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Citadel 2000

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Introducing the Citadel OB2000 portable WiFi tablet time clock system

  • Loaded with powerful online software and handy features.
  • 7" bright color display with fingeprint reader.
  • OB2000 does not retain punches when out of WiFi rage
  • OB3000 DOES retain punches, take it anywhere, bring it back and upload punch records.
  • Citadel online software with many handy features, including scheduling, employee tracking,  departments and department reports, employee time sheets, punch rounding generic payroll exports and custom exports available, and more.
  • Highest quality fingerprint reader available, instant response.
  • Battery powered, so it's completely portable.
  • Three ways to punch:  RFID Badge, Employee PIN number, and/or Fingerprint
  • Read more about it on the next page.
  • Large 7: actaaive touch-screen radiantly displays time and attendance records.
  • This service, which is month-to-month, is tax deductable
  • Choice of WiFi, model OB3000 or R45 connection when back in the office, the OB2000
  • Completely Portable: Reads and saves punches even when disconnected from the internet.
  • Create rules for rest times, meal times. overtime, holidays, pay cycles, rounding,
  • Real-time alerts vavialble via email or text for employee management ("Ed Jones IN at 11:42" sent to you)
  • Simple department transfers can be done at the clock for employees who work in more than one department
  • Review reports on overtime, vacation, holiday, and other hours
  • Review and print department reports, individual time cards (aka time sheets)
  • All this, and more.

Citidel OB2000 Cloud Tablet time and attendance clock system


Cost of operation:  Up to two clocks and one administrator are included.  $10/month for additional clock over two.
Lifetime product replacement for worn out clocks.
Rechargable, runs about a week on a charge, standard USB portable battery packs can sister it for longer periods, or plug in the wall charger.
No contracts, this is month-to-month based on number of employees - and you see all the reports.
No subscription, cancel anytime.
Store a little, or a lot of data, no limits on capacity and always accessable from any web connection.
Pay periods, total hours, calculations, time cards, employee records, are all automated.
Saves time and money and resouces by simplfying time and attendance management