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Time Guardian includes 2 managers. Purchase additional manager licenses here.

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Amano Time Guardian Manager Upgrades

2 Unique Managers are included with base Time Guardian software
Each manager has a unique name and password
Each manager can be assigned unique access to the program

Office Manager may only view (and/or change punches and run reports for) the office employees
Production Manager.... the same - one department, or many.
Human Resources:  Absolute, total access to everything.

Two, Five, 10, 25... any manager can access the software from any desk, not just theirs, using their particular username and password, if the program is installed on that PC.  The number of PC's it can be installed on is limited to your Manager license. The database should be stored on the server, but it is not required.

Note:  Additional Managers increases technical support cost:
1-2 Managers:   $189.00 per year
5    Managers:   $249.00
10  Managers:   $315.00
25  Managers:   Call Us for quote