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Lathem 7500E Atomic Clock

$499 at Office Depot! Lathem 7500E 100 employee totaling time clock. Atomic clock accuracy. Factory New, Two Year Guarantee.

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Accessories & Supplies:

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Click 115 Surge ProtectorSurge Protector$15.95
Click 10 Lathem 7000/7500 2-PackLathem/Compumatic ribbon$24.00
Click 12 Time Card Rack25 Slot Expandable Card Rack$31.00
Click 9 E7 time cardsE7 time cards, Q: 1,000$89.00
Click 173 E7 time cardsE7 time cards, Q: 500$49.00
Click 8 E7 time cardsE7 time cards, Q: 100$14.00
Click 177 Lathem 7500 Full Power ReserveOperational back-up battery$0.00


Lathem 7500E 100 employee self-totaling time card  clock

  • Totals punches right on the card
  • Prints accumulated total worked hours
  • Pay to the minute, 100th, or use rounding to pay to nearest 1/4 hour
  • Automatic lunch deduction feature (on or off)
  • Large 100 employee capacity
  • Fully automatic card alignment - just drop it in
  • Unlimited punches per day
  • 1 or two weeks on each card
  • Auto-detect feature allows you to print on the second side if first side fillls up
  • Resets after power outages
  • Automatic daylight savings adjustment + new year, leap year, month changes
  • Prints day of week, or date
  • Built-in Lithium backup battery for up to 3 years of program protection
  • Optional operational backup battery runs for 24 hours w/o power 


Self Totaling Time Clock, what's in the box:

  • One Factory Fresh 7500e Totalizing Time Clock
  • One ribbon, installedOwners Manual
  • Key and wall mount template
  • 1 Year factory Guaranty
  • Toll-free USA telephone assistance number

Dimensions:    6 1/2" Wide x 5" Deep x 8" High, 11/2 lbs

  • 110VAC Resets to current time when power comes back on
  • 1.5 lbs installed - to wall, or sit on a shelf or counter top
  • Optional full power battery reserve, runs up to 10 hours if unplugged

Lathem E7  7000e and 7500e two-sided time cards:   

The card must completely fill up the front side.  Only then will it begin to print on the second side

.Lathem time cards.jpg

Side One is Black.     Side Two is Red


The Lathem 7500e calculates to the minute

Optional setting: It can be set to round to the nearest 15 minutes.
This example  (from an Amano MJR7000) illustrates how this works for you:
The Lathem 7500e does not calculate overtime.
The Lathem 7500e will show the time as 40:47 hours

15 minute punch rounding TCO.jpg