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Select your employee level here. Base is 100, this adds more employees to your software. No recurring fee, this is it.

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Click 713 Time Guardian +25 employeesTGN-EMP0025$75.00
Click 714 Time Guardian +50 employeesTGN-EMP0050$150.00
Click 715 Time Guardian +100 employeesTGN-EMP0100$275.00
Click 393 Time Guardian +250 employeesTGN-EMP0250$475.00
Click 666 Time Guardian +500 employeesTGN-EMP0500$625.00
Click 677 Time Guardian +Unlimited employeesTGN-EMP9999$1,800.00


Amano Time Guardian Upgrades

Amano Time Guardian software includes 100 employees, 2 administrators

Add employees in packs of 25, 50, 100, 250, 500 or select Unlimited.

If you have 150 employee license and purchase 100 more (#715) you will have 250.
This is a one-time fee.

Amano then sends the update to your software within 8 business hours, there is nothing more to do on your part.