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DISCONTINUED. No longer available. Production ceased 12/31/2012. Parts, supplies are still available.

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Accessories & Supplies:

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Click 11 E2 Two sided time cardE2 box of 1000 2 sided weekly cards$42.00
Click 257 25 Card Adjustable Time Card Rack25 Card Adjustable Time Card Rack$29.00
Click 55 Lathem 7-2 Ribbon7-2C$7.25
Click 26   $0.00
Click 89 8 inch 96dB bell, 24Volts, DCPyramid 41392 8 inch bell$99.00


The cost of labor:

  • Every 5 minutes lost costs you 50 cents per person, per day - or more. 
  • 10 workers, taking 5 minutes extra, spread across 2 breaks and lunch
    - This depletes profits 10 x .50 = $5.00 per day, each day. 
  • Times 250 work days.  $1,250.00 each year (at the minimum). 
  • A one-time investment recovers that 5 (to 20) minutes lost per day
  • Rings up to 28 times in a day

All metal design holds up to high-volume use in harsh environments

  • Includes the mechanical clock, and a 110V output timer
  • Sends out a 110V pulse for 3, 4, 5, or 6 seconds 
  • Connects to your existing bell or buzzer system, or buy one of ours
  • Precision coined steel type wheels never rust, very reliable
  • Long lasting ribbon automatically reverses, takes a long time to wear-out
  • Steel case and metal lock make this tamper-proof
  • Works with all standard time cards, see our selection for examples
  • Mounts conveniently on a wall or table
  • Once a print style has been ordered, it cannot be changed or ex-changed,
         - so be sure to get exactly the one you want (the one you need)
  • Call us if you have any questions!

    Made in USA   USA FLAG.jpg 

This image shows what buttons you need to use to set the Lathem 4221DWA time clock:

Lathem DWA4000 Front Panel.jpg

This is the Lathem 4021 DWA and also the Lathem 4221 DWA
You need a 110V bell or horn to make it "sound" in your shop.