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Pyramid 5300 Signaling Module
Bell Ringer Upgrade

Pyramid 5300 connects to TimeTrax terminals and Pyramid 4000. The workshift timer module enables the bell/horn software, now you can ring bells.

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Pyramid 5300 signal controller

  • Works in conjunction with Pyramid TimeTrax Pro, Pyramid 4000, and Wireless Transmitters
  • Controls up to 300 signaling events in week
  • You can vary the length of the event - short rings, long rings -  .5 to 60 seconds.

    Duration  Time                        Day of Week
      SEC     AM/PM                 M TU  W  TH  FR  SA  SU
       3            800                   x    x   x    x    x     x
       2         1000                    x    x   x    x    x
       3         1010                    x    x   x    x    x
       3         1130                    x    x   x    x    x
       1         1158                    x    x   x    x    x
       3         1200                    x    x   x    x    x     x
       2         1400                    x    x   x    x    x
       3         1410                    x    x   x    x    x
       2         1625                    x    x   x    x    x
       3         1630                    x    x   x    x    x   
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