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Pyramid 5300 Signaling Module
Synchronized Bell Timer

Multi-purpose device. Boosts signal for synchronized clocks, adds bells to Self totaling Pyramid 4000/5000 clocks, adds bells and synchronized clocks to TimeTrax Elite systems.

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Click 404 50' Bell and Buzzer Wire50' Bell and Buzzer Wire$34.95
Click 87 Low Voltage Bell6" Bell, 24VDC, 95dB$90.00


Pyramid 5300 signal controller

  • Works in conjunction with Pyramid TimeTrax Pro, Pyramid 4000, Pyramid 7000 master clock and Wireless Transmitters
  • Controls up to 300 signaling events in week, each with variable durations, shared across 7 days.
  • You can vary the length of the event - short rings, long rings -  .5 to 15 seconds.

    Duration  Time                        Day of Week
      SEC     AM/PM                 M TU  W  TH  FR  SA  SU
       3            800                   x    x   x    x    x     x
       2         1000                    x    x   x    x    x
       3         1010                    x    x   x    x    x
       3         1130                    x    x   x    x    x
       1         1158                    x    x   x    x    x
       3         1200                    x    x   x    x    x     x
       2         1400                    x    x   x    x    x
       3         1410                    x    x   x    x    x
       2         1625                    x    x   x    x    x
       3         1630                    x    x   x    x    x   
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In a standard installation with 7000 or Wireless Master Clock transmitter:
Pyramid 5300 acts as a power booster by adding a fresh supply of 24VDC out to buzzers and bells.
Connected by BCD cable back to the wireless transmitter, or anywhere on the daisy chain with the 7000 (or directly to it), it keeps the bells synchronized with the master clock.

Just add-it-in as needed for more 24VDC bell power.