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Amano CP3000-5000 two sided time card
C3000-2, Q: 1,000

Printed on both sides, saving you money, work, and storage space.

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Amano CP5000-2 two week time card

Designed for  Amano CP3000 and Amano CP5000
                       Amano CP5000.jpg

  • One box of 1,000 cards
  • Two sides, essentially this is 2 one-week time cards, in one
  • Always in stock
  • Side one is green, side two is red
  • Just turn it over, write the name on it again, and use it for the second week
  • Less waste: You use half as much paper and half as much storage


C3000-2 time card   Fits Amano CP3000 and Amano CP5000
*** also works on old, ancient Cincinnati mechanical clipper clocks