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Amano CP3000 Battery
Amano CP3000 Battery

If you CP3000 is just cycling and the display is flashing, 9 out of 10 times this is the problem. Replace it.

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CP3000 Battery

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Click 148 Amano #700 time clock keyMaster Key for Amano clocks$6.00
Click 192 Amano CP3000 and NS5100 Black RibbonCP3000/NS5100 cartridge ribbon$22.00
Click 108 Amano CP3000-5000 one sided time cardC3000, Q: 1,000$42.00
Click 101 Amano CP3000-5000 two sided time cardC3000-2, Q: 1,000$44.00


Amano CP3000 battery

Easy to replace - Instructions

  • Leave the machine plugged in.
  • Remove the clock from the wall.
  • Remove the backing plate (two #1 phillips screws up top)
  • Cut the wire tie
  • Unplug and replace the battery 
  • Skip the new wire tie 
  • Put it back together, you are done