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Acroprint Motor and Cam
Acroprint Motor and Cam

Time clock motor and solid brass cam combination for Acroprint 125/150 time clocks. These two parts are normally replaced at the same time.

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AP125 motor and cam

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Click 147 Acroprint Key for Acroprint 125 and 150Acroprint time clock key, mechanical clocks only$7.25
Click 58 Acroprint RibbonAcroprint 125/150 ribbon$8.25
Click 11 E2 Two sided time cardE2 box of 1000 2 sided weekly cards$41.00


This is the Acroprint motor and cam parts combination

  • If your green colored Acroprint 125 or Acroprint 150 is losing time,
    this is normally the cause:
    - The motor slows down, and the cam visibly wears down.
    - Look at the peg on the cam. 
    - If it is grooved, then it is not pushing the minute overthrow pawl far enough.
       Since the pawl does not reach far enough to grab the minute impulse gear,
       this causes the clock to lose time.
  • Replacing the motor alone normally does not solve the problem,
    and you have to remove the cam to remove the motor,
    so it's no more work to do it right the first-time
  • Time to complete, start to finish for a newbie:  30 minutes
    Tools needed:  1 allen wrench, a flat blade and a phillips screw driver.
  • Guarantee: One Year
  • Need help doing this?  No problem.
    Call us, we can e-mail pictures on how it's done.

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