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Acroprint AP125 Stamp Handle
AP125 Stamp Handle

Black plastic Acroprint 125 time stamp push bar. Replaces worn-out, wobbly push button bar.

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Acroprint 125 Bar

Accessories & Supplies:

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Click 205 Acroprint 125 stamp partsAcroprint 125 stamp parts$26.00
Click 204 Acroprint 150 Stamp and platenAcroprint 150 stamp and platen assembly$26.00
Click 147 Acroprint Key for Acroprint 125 and 150Acroprint time clock key, mechanical clocks only$7.25
Click 11 E2 Two sided time cardE2 box of 1000 2 sided weekly cards$41.00
Click 81 One Week Time Card1900L single sided time card$31.00


Acroprint 125 stamp handle, they wear out.                  Fits this machine:

Acroprint 125 Parts.jpg               Acroprint 125.jpg

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