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Amano PIX Key
Pix key - Plastic Amano "church" Key

Fits most Amano PIX series clocks, (excluding PIX55 and PIX 200). See image to confirm. AJR-201150

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Click 630 Amano PIX RibbonsPIX TCX Ribbons, Black Q: 2$24.00
Click 3 PIX and TCX RibbonPurple ribbon, pack of 2$24.00
Click 6 PIX and TCX RibbonRED Ribbon, Q: 2$15.00
Click 4 PIX and TCX RibbonPurple ribbon, box of 12$79.00


Amano PIX Key, the PIX timeclock key, it is a plastic key

  • It fits these machines: