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Pyramid Clocks In A Box
Wall clocks, master clock and bell kit

Complete Factory Clock and Bell System. It can be expanded and improved beyond this.

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Click 95 Pyramid Bright Red Digital Clock4" 4 digit Pyramid Digital Clock$189.00
Click 232 Pyramid 12" Analog Child ClockSynchronized Wall Clock$199.00
Click 87 Low Voltage Bell6" Bell, 24VDC, 95dB$90.00
Click 89 Low Voltage Bell8" Bell, 24VDC, 92dB$99.00
Click 407 25' Bell and Buzzer Wire25' Bell and Buzzer Wire$19.95
Click 404 50' Bell and Buzzer Wire50' Bell and Buzzer Wire$34.95
Click 405 100' Bell and Buzzer Wire100' Bell and Buzzer Wire$44.95


This is the original Pyramid Clocks-In-A-Box system

The "Kit" includes:

  1. One Master Clock, which is either manually set-up, or software programmed
              - The software is included, it uploads the time from your computer
             -  And is, honestly, very easy to set-up.  Or, use three buttons to do it all.
  2. Four   12" Analog (standard dial face) "child" clocks
  3. One   4" digital display clock. Bright red letters on a sharply contracting black face
  4. One   6" 24VDC 95dB bell
  5. One   Spool of bell wire, 250' long
  6. Five   Plug-and-Play 50' cables - from the master to the 4 clocks
  7. Five   "Y" connectors, which work with the above clocks and cables
  8. One   50' Serial cable, with USB adapter, to hook up to your PC
  9. One   Software CD with instructions - and 90 days toll-free help

You can add more clocks - digital and analog, and bells.
Call us if you are going over 12 clocks or bells - it can be easily done.

Pyramid Clocks In A Box, continued....

  • Each clock requires 110VAC, comes with a 6' wire, you add the end.
  • Pyramid 7000 master clock automatically updates after power outages
  • It compensates for short months, long months, leap year
  • It automatically updates for daylight savings time
  • The bells are powered directly from the 7000 timer
  • One year warranty on the master clock, 5 year warranty on the child clocks
  • Everything is UL and CUL approved
  • The master clock has a program and timer 9VDC backup battery, 
    - You should change it every 5 years