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Lathem ribbon and stamp platen
Lathem parts - ribbon and platen

Lathem ribbon and platen. Easy to replace, we can help.

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Lathem platen and 2 color ribbon

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Click 11 E2 Time Card2 Weeks, Box of 1000$41.00
Click 150 Lathem 2121 and Lathem 4000 keyLathem 2387 key$5.00
Click 194 Lathem Dial Plate Assembly - Out of StockLathem time clock parts$0.00
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Lathem ribbon and hard rubber stamp platen

  • If the print is hard to read, check the rubber pad underneath it.
  • If that is worn out, it's fairly easy to replace, and will print "like new" when you are done.
  • Call us if you need any over-the-phone coaching.  Fix that clock in 15 minutes, don't replace it!

Fits the following models, and actually all mechanical Lathem time clocks:

   Lathem 2021,    Lathem 2026
   Lathem 2121,    Lathem 2126
   Lathem 4001,    Lathem 4026
   Lathem 4201,    Lathem 4206
   Lathem 1221,    Lathem 8001

If your time clock has a metal case and says LATHEM, then this will fit.

                      Lathem 2121.jpg