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Amano MRX35 self totaling clock

50 employee weekly and bi-weekly time clock that also computes overtime. Extremely well made, long lasting, Made In USA.

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Click 115 Time Clock Surge ProtectorSurge Protector$15.95
Click 12 25 card time card holderLarge self-totaling time clock card rack$31.00
Click 251 Amano MRX ribbonAmano MRX ribbon$14.00
Click 252 Amano MRX 35 cards 500Amano MRX35 cards Bx 500$59.00
Click 253 Amano MRX35 time cardsMRX-35 cards: 1000 cards per box$118.00


Amano MRX35, the self totaling time clock for up to 50 employees

  • Clean, easy to change ribbon, quick and easy initial set-up
  • 4 employee punches per day (2 in AM, 2 in PM)
  • Totals the cards for you!
  • Lifetime technical support, just an (800) call away
  • Automatically resets to the correct, current time after power outage
  • Computes overtime - weekly and/or daily
  • Large blue digital time display, easily visible across the room
  • Simple, clean design fits any office or shop environment
  • Pay to the minute, 100th', or 1/4 hour
  • Internal battery retains time, date, and program for months
  • Automatic daylight savings time adjustment - selectable
  • 1.65 lbs installed - to wall, or on a counter top
  • User-replaceable long-lasting ribbon
  • 110VAC Retains memory for 2 weeks during power outage
  • One Year USA Factory Warranty

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