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Detex Incident Book

ProxiPen incident book. 20 programmable incidents for advanced, detailed tour reporting. Detex GCS-PP-INCBK-2

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Detex ProxiPen Incident Book

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Detex TopGuard incident book for ProxiPen systems


  • 12 tags = twelve programmable incidents that
    will show up in your reports:

  • Use them to identify moments such as:

    • People in pool

    • Door unlocked

    • Suspicious sounds

    • Suspicious people

    • Broken

    • Glass/Debris

    • Lights off

    • Lights on

    • Emergency Alarms

    • Tow Truck

    • Vagrants

    • Forced Entry

    • Unauthorized people present

    • Door open

    • Window open

    • Misc event

    • Gun shots                 and so-on.

Detex Incident Book fits in a shirt pocket!

3" wide, 4 1/2" tall, 1/4" thick

Clear lexan, comes in a protective fake leather sleeve.
User-replacable incident name list on back