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Amano MJR7000EZ 3 shift clock

Three shifts or three different pay cycles, 100 employees. Automatic Daylight Savings, battery backup self totaling time clock Made In USA.

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MJR7000EZ 3 pay period time clock

Accessories & Supplies:

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Click 115 Surge ProtectorSurge Protector$15.95
Click 39 Amano MJR Cards 000-099A11P 1,000 Time Cards$48.00
Click 40 Amano MJR Cards 000-099A11P 2.000 Time Cards$89.00
Click 12 Time Card Rack25 Slot Expandable Card Rack$31.00
Click 36 Amano MJR7000 ribbonMJR7000 Ribbons, Q: 1$18.50


Amano MJR7000EZ - How it differs from the standard MJR7000

It automatically updates for daylight savings, the other MJR clocks must be reset every few years.
The cards can be set for groups. As a result, it can do semi-monthly pay cycles, properly calculating overtime for each employee, as the employee is assigned a unique card number for the life of their employment, and weekly or bi-weekly for another group of cards.  AKA cards 000 - 029 can be bi-weekly workers, and 030 - 099 can be for weekly workers.  One example would be for union and non-union workers, another might be salaried vs non-salaried workers, or full vs part-time employees.

Multiple Pay Cycles:
One example of a group:  100 time cards, two ranges. 000 - 049 and 050 - 099

000-049 starts Thursday morning, ends Wednesday night.  Thursday - Wednesday.
050-099 starts Wednesday night and ends Tuesday night.  Wednesday - Tuesday.

You can order cards with different ranges
000 - 099, 100 - 199, 200 - 299
000 - 049. 050 - 099, 100 - 149, 151 - 200  This row is custom card ranges, add $10.
Available in boxes of 1,000 and 2,000

One year product guarantee, lifetime technical support and program assistance.
We repair Amano time clocks.


Download the Amano MJR7000EZ owners manual here.  Click for pdf.

  • All metal construction with a circuit board.  Metal mounting plate bolts to the wall.  
  • Weight:  10 lbs installed - more or less.
  • Size:  12 x 8 wide by 6 deep - more or less
  • Keypad is locked, requires the case key to activate it.  Tamper-proof.
  • 110VAC, we recommend you surge protect it.
  • Large cartridge ribbon lasts up to 5,000 time cards
  • Time cards cost about 3 cents per week - lowest cost of operation for a self totaling time card time clock on the market.
  • User programmable, dealer and factory serviceable, designed to last 30+ years of hard use
  • 100 employee capacity
  • Separates 4 levels of overtime:  40/48 in a week, 8/12 in a day
    *or if desired, no overtime calculations at all
  • Computes California Overtime
  • Prints punches in standard hours and minutes, totals in military and minutes or military and hundredth's.
    Ex:  8:00 IN   12:15 OUT    RT:  4:15
           8:00 IN    12:15 OUT   RT   4.25

  • Includes automatic lunch deduction feature
  • Includes Shifts:  Cards assigned to shifts, with shift rules.  See the owners manual or call us.
  • Includes IN and OUT punch rounding  
  • Includes Card Lock Out by time range
  • Includes standard 1/4 hour (15 minute) rounding (yes/no)
  • Includes automatic daylight savings adjustment (yes/no)

And many other features.